Empowering the entrepreneur woman

CWBLA: hand in hand with institutional partners

On February 15, 2019, a working session was held at the premises of MINPMEESA (Ministry of Small and Medium Size Enterprises) between the authorities of this Ministry and the amazons of the Cameroon Women Business Leaders Association (CWBLA), under the chairmanship of Minister Achille BASSILEKEN III. The delegation of the CWBLA was led by the President-Founder, Mrs. NGALLE-MIANO Adélaïde.
The session began at 11:45 am, with a strong delegation of CWBLA members from 05 out of 06 regions, to attend this first working session with Minister Achille BASSILEKEN III.
The purpose of this working session was to review a number of projects that will be part of the MINPMEESA / CWBLA partnership, with the aim of empowering women entrepreneurs.