The CWBLA plans to operationalize this production unit as part of the partnership with MINPMEESA

MINPMEESA & CWBLA: a concrete partnership

The partnership agreement signed between the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises of Social Economy and Handicrafts (MINPMEESA) and the Cameroon Women Business Leaders Association (CWBLA) in February 2018 is concretized by a second project: make operational a fish conservation and smoking plant in Limbe.

This project is part of MINPMEESA’s strategy to fight against producers’ post-harvest losses through the establishment and operationalization of several pilot agro-processing centers.

During the first phase of the project, MINPMEESA acquired the land and built the buildings to house the equipment.
The pn-site visit of CWBLA members aims to take, visually, the full extent of the work to be done in order to complete the work and start production. This initiative is in line with the main mission that these women entrepreneurs have set themselves: to promote the activities of women entrepreneurs and to contribute to the empowerment of young women, in order to make them better able to contribute effectively to the development of Cameroon.

Limbé is a seaside town that is also characterized by good fish production: nearly 20 tons of catfish produced in 2017. The establishment of a fish conservation and smoking unit will help to offer to Cameroonians fish of good quality and in sufficient quantity.

The CWBLA later plans to add also equipment for the conservation and smoking of meat (beef, pork and others).

The Limbé fish conservation and smoking plant will improve the incomes of local people by creating around 20 permanent jobs, hundreds of seasonal jobs and thousands of indirect jobs.

This project benefits from the contribution of several other partners such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER) and AGROPOLE (Program for the Promotion of Agro-Industry in Cameroon) working with the Ministry of Economy, Food and Agriculture. Planning and Land Use Planning (MINEPAT) to assist groups or associations in setting up industrial plantations, processing units and market development.

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