MINCOMMERCE received women from the CWBLA on May 16, 2017 in Yaounde

Talking to public authorities on behalf of women

The Minister of Commerce welcomed women from the Cameroon Women Business Leaders Association (CWBLA) in the ministry’s meeting room. Members of the CWBLA came from all over Cameroon.
The Minister of Commerce, in his introductory speech, noted that Cameroonian women are not sufficiently known in the world. They would benefit from grouping together to conquer major consumer markets such as the North American market.
He emphasized the need of a good partnership between the public and the private sectors to achieve this goal.
The women of the CWBLA presented to the Minister the various problems they encounter which constitute real obstacles to their evolution:
– red tape,
– difficult access to land;
– existing infrastructure in small numbers, including roads for the transport of production;
– almost nonexistent financing;
– difficulties in keeping agricultural production;
– need of capacity building for entrepreneurs, particularly in terms of continuing education;
– unavailability of information to support the return of women entrepreneurs in the diaspora;
– Etc.

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The Secretary General of the Ministry of Commerce took the floor and gave some solutions.
He noted that there is a law called AGOA that makes it easier for investors to open up to the US market, which is huge. According to him, AGOA offers funding opportunities. It encourages women to get closer to the AGOA Resource Center in Douala, which is a Resource Center offering training and retraining.

The Inspector General of the Ministry of Commerce urged the CWBLA to get closer to the UN Women organization; they could find an answer to the training problem.
In the same way, this organization could meet some of their needs in the field of product conservation. The women of Idenau are equipped with a cold room with the help of UN women.

The Director of Foreign Trade reminded CWBLA women that the Ministry of Commerce is their home. He presented the various initiatives of his ministry encouraging the development of local products:
– contribution to the modernization of commercial spaces;
– program for building cross-border markets (Kyossi for example);
– insertion of Cameroonian products in supermarkets, supermarkets;
– Etc.
He urged women producers to get closer to the Ministry of Commerce who can support for their products to be exposed in supermarkets.

The Minister took the floor again and recalled the rice promotion operations of Yagoua and Foumban undertaken by his administration. He encouraged CWBLA women in western Cameroon to identify products that the Ministry of Commerce could promote.
He encouraged the women present to organize local markets in a pragmatic way.
As for the infrastructure problem, the minister pointed out that the administration is following a 3-year planning program. For 2018 it’s done.
A joint Ministry of Commerce and Land Registry and Land Affairs meeting would help to think about the problem of access to land.
For the minister we can not explore all the solutions, but there are ways to think. CWBLA women’s grievances have been registered and the Minsitère will work to answer them.
The Minister of Commerce has announced the creation of an Interministerial Platform coordinated for example by his administration; which would be a forum for exchange and resolution of problems encountered by the private sector. This is formalized by an act of the Head of State. He will share this with the Prime Minister.
He undertakes to share other issues raised with his counterparts including the Minister of Finance.