Participating in the biggest cultural festival of the Bamoun people (West Cameroon)

CWBLA: cultural immersion alongside the godfather

In the year two thousand and eighteen and from the seventh to the nineth of December, the Cameroon Women Business Leaders Association (CWBLA), as part of its action plan, made a trip to Foumban to participate in the NGUON Festival. This was a personal invitation from the Sultan, King of Bamouns.
The purpose of this trip was to make allegiance to the Sultan, King of Bamouns at this memorable time. The Sultan, King of the Bamouns is the godfather of the association since its creation on March 10, 2017.
There was a massive participation of Amazons from all regions, but mainly those from the Littoral region, and they were highly motivated. These CWBLA members were witnesses of some of the most important ceremonials in the Bamoun Culture, like the judgment of the King and his enthronement.
The CWBLA marked its passage (parade) in front of the Royal Gallery, and applause from all over came to congratulate and encourage the Amazons for the work they do.
Then followed a lunch at the Royal Palace Restaurant, restaurant which was inaugurated by the CWBLA. The Amazons thereafter went for an invitation to the home of the son of Sultan, Seidou MBOMBO NJOYA.
Proud of the presence of the CWBLA in this beautiful cultural celebration, the Sultan congratulated the ladies, through the Founding President, Mrs. Adelaide NGALLE-MIANO.
Overall, we can affirm that the atmosphere was at the top level. The Amazons expressed the wish to renew this experience in another city they choose, while waiting for the next edition of NGUON to be held in 2020.