This conference was held at the University of Professionnal Studies in Accra

Theme: Young Female Achievers and Transformative Leadership for Sustainable Development in Africa

“Maluwa Africa” ​​means “Flower of Africa”. This organization aims to support young women entrepreneurs, promoters of small businesses. A group of these young women, CWBLA’s Amazons Juniors, is chaired by Josseline Landry TSONANG, a young academic based in Yaoundé who has become a businesswoman via the WED (Women’s Entrepreneurship Day) network. Remember,  the Regional Ambassador of WED for Francophone Africa (17 countries), appointed by the United Nations in 2017, is none other than the Founding President of the CWBLA, Mrs. Adelaide NGALLE-MIANO.

The CWBLA delegation to this Accra conference was composed of Mrs. Adelaide NGALLE-MIANO (Founding President), Francisca BIAKA (1st Vice-President), Chantal LEWAT (Secretary General), Diana BAKEHE (President Littoral Region), Anne-Gisèle OBAKER (Communication Chairperson), Fadilah TCHOUMBA (Responsible for organizing meetings between businesswomen and authorities), Léonie CHEDJOU (Member). They participated in several round tables, debates and sharing experiences.

CWBLA Founding President received the “Africa Business Excellence Awards” from the World Business Angel Investors Forum and Africa Mentoring Development Consortium (WBAF-UAM) in recognition of her contribution to the development of young women in Cameroon and Africa.

“Maluwa Africa” ​​aims to become an annual event and its next edition (2019) will take place either in Cameroon, Senegal or Nigeria.